Global Dance Open: 2024 Finals

International Dance Competition
di 9 jul 2024 - za 13 jul 2024
di 9 jul 2024
za 13 jul 2024

Global Dance Open is one of the world’s most prestigious competitions. From the 9th-13th July, the GDO Finals will be held at Orpheus. Over 1500 dancers from 27 countries will be travelling to Orpheus, Apeldoorn and the Netherlands to participate, compete and try and win scholarships.

Ticket Conditions:

Includes entry into both theatres
Must be scanned and swapped for a wristband for entry into theatres.
Tickets are non-refundable.

Ticket prices:

  • Ticket per session: € 12.50
  • Gold Pass - ALL sessions for 5 days (12 sessions) excluding Gala: € 120
  • Silver Pass- July 9,10,11 (7 Sessions) excluding Gala: € 75
  • Bronze pass- July 12, 13 (5 sessions) excluding Gala:  € 50
  • Gala 1 - July 11: € 20.00
  • Gala 2 - July 13: € 20.00

When arriving at the theatre please show your ticket either printed or on your mobile phone to the ticket desk staff and they will scan the ticket and issue you with a wristband for that session. Wristbands are required to enter the theatres. Please note that the ticket can only be scanned once. 

Children aged 4 years and under (non-competitors) and accompanied by a parent will be allowed entry to the auditoriums for free however they do have to sit on a parents lap if the theatres are full.

Dancers who are participating at the finals may be allowed to watch the dance sessions free of charge subject to space in the auditoriums. Dancers must present their membership cards to door staff to enter. This includes the Galas.

Find out more:

Or see GDO YouTube: @globaldanceopen

Order your lunch and dinner beforehand:
Food menu

Theatre Rules & Etiquette:

  1. Remember why we are here. To celebrate dance and give our aspiring dancers a memory they won’t forget.
  2. No Food and drink in the theatre
  3. No moving around the audience during performances. Theatre doors will only be opened between performances, and a limited amount of people will be let in at a time to avoid distraction for the dancers and judges. Arrive in good time in case of queues at theatre doors.
  4. Please avoid sitting in front of judges if you are not planning on staying for the whole session.
  5. Turn phones on silent. Refrain from sitting inside the theatre while browsing on your phone
  6. No talking during performances. 
  7. Children under 13 years must be always supervised by an adult. Dancers that enter without an adult, and cause distribution inside the theatre will be removed.
  8. Refrain from shouting dancer’s names/studio during the competition.
  9. Clap for everyone at the end of each performance
  10. Booing, abusive slurs and bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated and will result in not being able to re-enter the theatre and potential disqualification from the competition.
  11. Be polite to staff and express gratitude
  12. Flags may not be used except at the prize givings. 


For a full schedule of all sessions, see the document below or click here.