Antares Flare - Generations 2023


Antares Flare is a band of six talented musicans from Netherlands, Malta, Slovenia and Italy. Antares Flare is a project born to experiment the infinite places where those three elements come together. The "dream" is often the place where the melodies moves, while the rythms from the rainforest warps the timelines.

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Together since 2 years, the band recorded his first album at the Labstract studio in Rome which will be released next spring. Antares Flare participated at the finals of the Erasmus Jazz Prijs 2021 in Rotterdam and performed in many festivals and clubs in The Netherlands. 

The band plays its own original compositions, mainly written by Piero Conte. Their music is inspired by the rhythms of the Congo rainforest to the magic realism of Borge's tales and books till the psychedelic electronic atmosphere from artists like Clever Austin and Jimi Hendrix. 

The band is trying to use those elements to shape their music in order to find a sound that hopes to give the listener a chance to add a different point of view to his relation with music. 


Piero Conte - Guitar (Italy)
Andrea Leone - Saxophone (Italy)
Paul van de Calseijde - Saxophone (the Netherlands)
Paolo Petrecca - Trumpet (Italy)
Dean Montanaro - Bass (Malta) 
Domen Cizej - Drums (Slovenia)