Highlight van de week: Notenkraker on Ice

Wo 21 december 2016

''I am bringing to you our newest version of the Nutcracker which sees some of my original choreography receiving 'technical' updates.''

De Notenkraker on Ice is van vrijdag 6 januari tot en met zondag 8 januari te zien in Theater Orpheus.

The story originates from the beginning of the 19th century, has there changed anything in the story since those years?
The origins of the Nutcracker go way back to 1816 when ETA Hoffman published a story called the Nutcracker and the mouse king. The original writing was very dark and morbid , far removed from the story we know today. The characters of the original writing have stayed the same but Hoffman did not intend the writing for children.

In 1847, the french writer, Alexandre Dumas created a much lighter version of the original with its intended new audience being children.

In 1891, the director of the Russian Imperial Theatre commisioned Tchaikovsky to write the musical score based upon the Dumas Story. The original ballet premiered in St Petersburg in 1892 but the choreography of Petipa/Ivanov was not well received and the show closed after just 14 performances.

Over the years the story has been performed by numerous dance companies around the world and after many re-workings by the choreographers Gorsky, Vainonen and Balanchine, the Nutcracker began to gain in popularity.

Can you tell something interesting about the cast from the Notenkraker on Ice?
The original version of Nutcracker on Ice by the Imperial Ice Stars was created by myself and premiered in Johannesburg in December 2011 and ran for 6 'sold out' weeks before moving to Cape Town for 4 'sold out' weeks. It has since performed in at numerous venues across the globe including its 2015 sold out run at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London.

Can you tell us something about the story of the Notenkraker on Ice?
The Imperial Ice Stars version of the Nutcracker is set on a Christmas Eve in St petersburg at the home of Doctor and Mrs Pavlov. Our young girl who is full of Christmas eve wonderment is named Marie. Her journey follows that of the 'Dumas" writing with just one slight exception (which i wish to keep as i suprise until you come along and see the show). The story centres around a Christmas gift , the Nutcracker Doll , given to her as a gift by her Grandfather.

The Imperial Ice Stars are from Russia. I (Tony Mercer) actually moved to moscow in 1996 and have lived there since and we hold our training ice rinks/rehearsal ice rinks and offices in Moscow.

I created the Imperial Ice Stars in 2004 so that i could achieve the choreography and skating style that I believed would push the boundaries of traditional Ice Skating. I am very proud to say that since 2004 , we are now an award winning company and have entertained over 4 million people around the world across 28 different countries.

How many people are in the touring group?
Our touring group consists of a total of 38 people which includes performers , technicians , wardrobe mistresses ice doctors and myself.

We are travelling to Holland directly from Dubai where we have just performed a sell out week of shows at the newly opened Dubai Opera House and have already been invited back to perform our award winning production of Swan Lake On Ice.

The performers have over 200 competitions medals between them . As well as being incredible figure skaters/ice dancers , they have the unique talent of bringing characters to life on the 'ice stage'. If you are aged anywhere between 5 years old and 105 years old , there is something in this show that will entertain and amaze.

The performance includes the beautiful Tchaikovsky musical score as well as incredible aerial flying sequences, acrobatics fire and magical illusions. All this on set on a theatrical ice rink with stunning LED projection screen and theatrical gauzes.

As the Choreographer and Director, I am very proud of our touring achievements and the number of invitations that my show has received since I created it.

What can our guest expect during this show?
On this, our third tour of Holland, I am bringing to you our newest version of the Nutcracker which sees some of my original choreography receiving 'technical' updates as far as our ice dancing choreography is concerned and also the re-characterisation of one of the family member of the "Pavlov" family. I wont tell you who but I promise you that her antics will keep you very amused and amazed.

De Notenkraker on Ice is van vrijdag 6 januari tot en met zondag 8 januari te zien in Theater Orpheus.



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