Highlight van de week: The Chippendales

Wo 28 november 2018

Chris Mike over de show The Chippendales: ''Expect excitement and energy! Expect to feel sexy! The show is crowd interactive and we want each and everyone person there to leave feeling like they have just been a part of something special.''

The Chippendales staan dinsdag 18 december in Orpheus

Could you tell us more about the show, what can we expect?
Expect excitement and energy! Expect to feel sexy! The show is crowd interactive and we want each and everyone person there to leave feeling like they have just been a part of something special. The show is all about you letting loose and having fun in that moment.

What was your most weird/exceptional experience on stage yet?
I picked a member of the crowd to be my partner during “Chip shot” (a game where you are partnered up with a Chippendale competing for a prize). Now my partner might have been the oldest woman at the show but that doesn’t matter, she was there to have fun! After demonstrating her favorite sexual position, the crowd erupted louder than I ever heard before! Not only did she win but also she had members from the crowd giving her applause after the show! It’s was an incredible moment for her and I consider myself pretty lucky to have been her partner that night.

How do you experience being touched by so many hands?
Very simply put, what a compliment! Having the crowds joy and feelings transferred back to you in such a unique way during a show is something that is still hard to put into words.

How do you pick someone to come on stage?
Throughout the show there are many opportunities to be picked to come on stage for a variety of different “numbers” or acts. We look for someone with the most energy, someone who can't sit down or control themselves. Someone who came that night to have some fun.

Staying in shape like that. What does your daily workout routine look like?
My daily routine is never the same, due to the amount of travel we do (10 months out of the year), 70% is diet, 30% is having a specific workout agenda set up before you even touch a weight that day. We are fortunate to have a great partnership with Mcfit across Germany and can use their flexible gym schedules to go anytime.

For my diet, we have our Master chef Calo and Andrea with us on tour. They are a vital part to our diets and a lot of the credit goes to them for preparing daily healthy meals for the entire CAST & CREW. It’s some of the best food I have ever tasted.

Is there a lot of competition between the Chippendales?
Of course, what would it be to be a Chippedale without competition? I want to make the crowds scream the loudest and have that energy reach the guys in the backstage area every time I am out there. But that starts way before any of us step onto the stage and we are all different in our own ways (which is why we are all here). We compete by rehearsing our choreographed dance routines, consistently educating ourselves on fitness trends, music trends, and working to be the best versions of ourselves daily. Although there is healthy competition, there is also an incredible comradery. We are all like a family living and traveling the world together!

What Is the best reason for someone to attend a show?
It’s extremely difficult to pick just one. It's sexy, energetic, seductive, crowd interactive, and a night you will NEVER forget.




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